HippieShine is a family business. A passion project born from love and inspired by a desire for a simple and more natural lifestyle.

It started as a joke… she brews kombucha. He calls it moonshine.

HippieShine became a play on words. But then it became a way to describe the life that we live!

We strive to live and work as eco-consciously as possible. It's a battle, but small changes move us forward.

We are committed to seeking out better ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. While we do what we can to reduce and reuse, several of our products require protection during shipping (i.e. bubble wrap!). We attempt to utilize recycled materials from our employees' personal deliveries and reuse where we can.

You won't find a magic formula here. And you won't find a perfect system. What you will find are carefully-curated products that have become a meaningful part of our everyday lifestyle.

We hope they are exactly what you need to "Let Your HippieShine."

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