Why I Started Using CBD

Why I Started Using CBD

I am often asked, “what’s the deal with CBD?  Why do you take it? And why did you decide to create a company during a global pandemic?” 

My personal story is a one with twists, turns, and life coming at me with 100 MPH curveballs.

I first learned about the benefits of CBD in 2016 and was intrigued by the seemingly mystical powers of this hemp-based liquid from the gods. My surface impressions regarding CBD and THC was likely rooted in a Deep South, Pentecostal upbringing, littered with warnings of the curses brought by the “devil’s lettuce.”

In early 2017, most might describe my life as “falling apart.” The year proved to be one of drastic life changes and I was in dire need of peace and reprieve. I did not desire narcotics, pharmaceuticals, or other “medicinal elixirs.”  I chose to focus, instead, on finding a holistic, organic, and natural solution. CBD reemerged at the forefront of that journey.

I was in my mid-40s, out of shape, and, in a lot of ways, starting life over. Find any synonym for “anxious” and it suits the situation I was in.  I finally turned to CBD for much-anticipated relief.

Spoiler alert… that’s exactly what I found.

I was sitting on a prescription for high blood pressure and decided not to fill it. I started with a CBD isolate and, within four days, my blood pressure dropped to a normal range for the first time in my life. I was going outside more, walking, hiking, and feeling better in every way. The 100 MPH curveball began to look more like a minor league slowball.

My newly active lifestyle left me with aches, knee inflammation, and pain.  After months of using the isolate, I decided to go for a full-spectrum hemp oil.

Quite simply, hemp oil has changed my life… physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is why I wanted to help others by weeding out (no pun intended) the gross misinformation and cutting through the clutter of too much information.

Education on the subject was (and still can be) very limited, creating a blackhole of never-ending “data” points from companies working on the fringe.

After hewing through the information, data, and a refuse of products, I finally found the combination that works for me. My goal remains to share clear information with friends and family, recommend products based on experience, and tell my story.

Thus, the creation of HippieShine.

Life became a little easier and more peaceful with CBD. I desire the same for those I care about. I am thrilled to offer natural, plant-based products that I can truly stand behind.



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