Let Your Hippie Shine

Let Your Hippie Shine

When you find something that works, you instinctively want to share it with those you care about.

Over the years, we’ve “discovered” living naturally, quite simply, makes life better.

Imagine that?

Whole foods. Yoga. Kombucha. Essential oils. Long walks. Deep breaths. Life balance.

Living simply and naturally is what inspired HippieShine.

It started as a joke… she brews kombucha. He calls it moonshine. HippieShine became a play on words. But then it became a way to describe the life that we live!

We found our way to hemp oil nearly three years ago.

He was looking for a way to lower his chronic high blood pressure. She was looking for a way to manage her anxiety. Hemp oil was the natural solution that helped to manage these issues, and so many more!

We were so excited by our results that we wanted to share our collective experiences with the world. Friends, family… anyone who would listen! And it made a difference in their lives, too. The testimonials started rolling in and it has been overwhelmingly touching.

Simply put, CBD is a powerful gift from the earth that is actively making a difference in the lives of so many!

We are excited to bring HippieShine Hemp Oil to the market because we know the difference that high-quality CBD can make.

We are committed to keeping our price point low and quality high so that our loved ones can experience all of the benefits that CBD has to offer.

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